Editorial comment – Pull up the inconsiderate driver

59 passengers and 23 bus drivers were issued traffic infringement notices. Picture: FT FILE

It’s no laughing matter that thousands of commuters find themselves stuck in heavy traffic daily in the Capital City.

While we hope the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and police will pull up inconsiderate drivers trying to beat the queues, we acknowledge their efforts daily.

We can also hope those in authority will optimise the use of what we have right now in terms of infrastructure development and manpower to assist commuters daily.

Clearly traffic congestion is not going to fade away any time soon either.

It most probably could get worse, if it hasn’t already happened that is. However, it is encouraging to see police officers on our roads guiding traffic through the morning congestion.

They provide a reprieve from the frustration, anger and the stress. So what really is causing traffic congestion?

Why are we getting stuck in heavy traffic in peak hours of the mornings and afternoons?

Is it because of the large number of vehicles on our roads?

Or is it because of the many inconsiderate drivers who clog our roads, trying to beat the long lines daily? So do we build more roads, or invest in more public transport?

As we look to the powers that be with hope to find a solution, at least one aspect of this daily headache can be solved. Let’s pitch in to stop inconsiderate drivers.

Let’s face it, every commuter is in a hurry to get to work, school or to various other destinations during peak hour traffic.

What would happen though if every driver decided to try and beat the queue daily?

They’d be breaking all sorts of rules to get ahead of the queue!

Because it is happening on a daily basis, it is obvious some drivers just don’t care at all.

This is why the LTA and police must clamp down on such drivers.

They must be reminded that the laws governing how we use our roads are there for everyone.

No driver is above the law.

Those who think they are above it must be brought back down to Earth very quickly.

Let’s play our part and stick to the rules.

Let’s be considerate. Inconsiderate drivers should have no place on our roads.

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