Editorial comment – Getting back into sevens mode

Training at The Sevens for HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2018, Dubai - UAE - Photos Martin Seras Lima

We are once again at the door-step of another World Rugby Sevens Series.

Emotions haven’t really sunken in, or inched their way out yet it seems.

That’s to be expected though as we have just come off a rather busy month. We had an election period. It was certainly a supercharged, highly intense period for thousands of Fijians.

The weeks leading up to November 14 were intense.

Election campaigns took on every known positive and negative element of such an event.

We were treated to campaigns that were personalised as well as those that stuck to issues.

There was name calling and accusations of people lying.

Debates were intense and emotional.

Discussions touched on issues that mattered to the masses, from cost of living, to land and ethnicity.

Live talk shows added to the interest raised by the elections.

In the end, voters went to the polls and came off with a split down the middle.

Then our national rugby side the Flying Fijians kicked off its November tour with a loss to Scotland before thrashing Uruguay in our second game.

Then when all hopes appeared to be sitting on the fence, our team heard the little voice in their inner being urging them to reach out for the stars. No one told them they weren’t favourites against the French.

Someone obviously forgot to mention that the French, still on a high after their defeat of Argentina a week earlier, were supposed to dominate us.

Hard running centre Semi Radradra started the drums rolling with a powerful run straight through the middle of the French defence to score our first try, and set up what would turn out to be a dance with glory.

In the end, powerful winger Josua Tuisova crossed the line for his try and fly-half Ben Volavola kicked the goals that mattered to carry us to a 21-14 win over the French on their home soil.

If that wasn’t the stuff of dreams, then what is? Who would have thought a side from a tiny island nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean would topple a Tier 1 nation?

The differences in resources were simply too far apart.

Now still on a high from that amazing victory, it isn’t surprising that fans are slowly getting back into the sevens cycle.

But that should all change when we play our first game against France, of all teams, tomorrow.

We are scheduled to also play Scotland and Kenya in our pool rounds. Go Fiji, go.

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