E-passport implementation to be planned carefully: Saumaka

A writer says stringent standards should be followed to allow foreign national Fijian citizenship. Picture: FILE

THE cost of implementing e-Passports could be considered a risk as such systems would incur a substantial cost.

This was an issue highlighted by the acting deputy director at the Department of Immigration Litia Saumaka.

Ms Saumaka said the implementation needed to be planned carefully.

“There are a lot of per-implementation work that needs to be carried out. The implementation and planning needs to be carefully done,” she said.

“The department is working towards system realisation phase which includes vendor finalisation, roll out plan, stakeholder engagement and other planned activities that will be commencing in due time.”

Ms Saumaka said the tender had been advertised and currently under review by the ITC Services.

She said the e-Passport was a bio-metric passport that would include a chip to be used at the automated e-Passport gates instead of having passports checked by border force officers.

They are designed to increase security, she said, making it more difficult to change data recorded on passport and also limit the chances of fraud.

Manager Passports and Citizenship Laisani Colamotokarua said the costs of the e-Passports would be higher than the current passports because of the chip.

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