US couple’s dream trip to Fiji turns deadly

US couple Michelle and David. Picture: SUPPLIED/FAMILY

IN a message to his mother when he arrived, David Paul told her Fiji was “nice and calm”.

His wife, Michelle, also sent photos, saying “enjoying Fiji” to her father Marc Calanog.

“Yes, who would have thought,” David’s mother, Marsha Cutlip Paul, said in reference to the couple’s baffling demise a few days after the happy messages.

Both families of the deceased knew very little of Fiji.

“Maybe I had heard the name, but knew nothing of Fiji,” Mrs Paul shared.

Michelle’s sister-in-law, Tracey Calanog, said travel to Fiji was on the couple’s bucket list.

“They have wanted to go to Fiji for a while,” she said.

“They went to Cabo (Mexico) last year and had a wonderful time on a cruise. They both travelled for work, so they wanted to go someplace they would both enjoy, have fun and experience the sights together, so they chose Fiji.”

David and Michelle died days apart after arriving in the country on May 22.

The cause of their deaths is still being investigated, and with influenza and infectious disease ruled out, tests are in progress to determine whether they were poisoned.

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