DPP hopes to improve quality of evidence within police docket

Director of Public Prosecutions ( DPP) Christopher Pryde and DCP Rusiate Tudravu. Picture: LITIA CAVA

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Christopher Pryde is hoping to improve the quality of the evidence within the police docket.

In his address at the Fiji Police Force Command Group Retreat at the Pearl Resort in Deuba, Mr Pryde said he was concerned with the conduct of some police officers during caution interviews where police officers had said too much to suspects.

“I have read caution interviews where police officers have told the suspect that they do not have to say anything but “there will be consequences if you remain silent,” he said.

“Such a caution makes the voluntarism of the statement null and is of no use to us.” Mr Pryde said there were no consequences if a suspect remains silent.

“We should also start the investigation prior to the arrest and caution interview and at the start of the interview, the police should be in a position to put the allegation to the suspect along with the evidence.

“Our case in court is only as good as the evidence contained in the police docket.

“The journey from the investigation of a criminal complaint to the arrest of a suspect, to the filing of the charge, to the matter being called in court, to the trial and subsequent conviction is a journey we take with you.”

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