Dialogue on the importance of media

From left to right: Josaia Tokoni (Fiji Council of Social Services), Elizabeth Tavoro (Ignite4Change), Shamal Kapoor (Project Survival Pacific), Broderick Mervyn (Ignite4Change) and Avikesh Kumar. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Media, Human Rights and Democracy Dialogue enabled Elizabeth Tavoro an in-depth understanding on what freedom of expression is about.

The Ignite4Change representative said the stand and belief in our voices to make a difference is the vital weapon to ensure that our voices are being heard.

“This dialogue gave me the opportunity to extend my understanding on freedom of expression concerning every individual and that everyone has the freedom to express their views in which ever field they choose whether through social media or video documentations,” Ms Tavoro said.

The dialogue was a joint collaboration between the Alliance for Future Generations – Fiji (AFG) and the British Council’s Valuing Voices Project funded by the European Union had organized the dialogue which comprised of a panel discussion with academic researchers, youths and members of the media and representatives of civil societies.

Meanwhile, Ignite4Change president, Broderick Mervyn expressed his appreciation to the organizers for this fruitful dialogue as it gauged people’s thoughts on the importance of media in this modern time.

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