COVID-19″ ‘Travel out of the country permitted’

A Fiji Airways flight takes off at Nadi International Airport. Picture: BALJEET SINGH/FILE

Travel out of the country is still being permitted based strictly on the availability of resources needed to be activated to facilitate travel, says Ministry of Health permanent secretary Dr James Fong.

Responding to media queries last week, Dr Fong explained they had initially implemented restrictions because travel out of the country required a lot of resources.

“When they go out, we have to do pre-departure testing, we have to set up a plan for the police to open up the border for them while there are some people that actually need to be monitored in terms of their movement,” Dr Fong said.

“Earlier, when I said no travelling out, the intention was to refocus our resources back to the screening program but as things have evolved, I have allowed people to travel out.”

He said the ministry had received many requests and he was “allowing in accordance to the amount of resources we have to enable them to go out”.

Dr Fong said during the last four days of lockdown, they had limited travel out of the country as resources were focused on screening.

“Everything is resources-based and travel out of the country would depend on this.”

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