COVID-19: People advised to protect their home bubbles

Police officer Josefa Kama maintaining strict Covid-19 restrictions at the 9 miles border in Nakasi yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

People have been advised to protect their home bubbles and not to allow others to infiltrate their safety.

Fiji’s chief medical adviser Dr Jemesa Tudravu said families should restrict the movement of people who were not part of their households.

He also encouraged heads of families to talk to their household members about COVID-safe practices.

“We advise them to download safety tips from credible sources on the internet like the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) or the Fiji Government website, information like the proper washing of hands and coughing etiquette and how to make safe masks in their homes,” he said.

“Household members need to understand who are the members of their bubble and ensure that these members are within the bubbles at all times.

“These practices will save them and their families from contracting the COVID-19 virus.”

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