COVID-19 Fiji: Lockdown opens student’s eyes to parents’ sacrifices

Sesenieli Elova. Picture: WAISALE KOROIWASA

A Year 12 student says the COVID-19 outbreak and prolonged school shutdown has made her realise the sacrifices her parents make to put food on the table.

Sesenieli Elova said because of this, she was using every opportunity during the COVID-19 lockdown to help them.

“This lockdown period and all the containment measures have made me realise the hardships my parents have to go through to provide for me and my three siblings,” the Ratu Sukuna Memorial School student said.

“I wake up at 3.30am and go to the Sawani border with my mum to help her with her food business.

“I serve customers so that she can have a little rest because she would have been up from 2am.”

The 17-year-old said this was a very challenging time because it was her final year in high school.

“After Year 12, I want to go to university, so when we get home, I go through my books just to keep up with my schoolwork.

“It’s a bit boring staying at home, but the opportunity of helping my parents is what I like the most.”

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