Consultant emphasises the importance of good mentors

University of the South Pacifi c organised an entrepreneurial fair at the Laucala campus recently. Picture: SUPPLIED

A REGIONAL business consultant has commended the University of the South Pacific for its initiative in organising the entrepreneurial fair for students and small business operators with the aim to provide the much needed guidance they need in their businesses.

Chris Elphick is partner in Breadfruit Consulting, an organisation that supports the development of a range of businesses and organisations in Melanesia and other parts of the Pacific.

Mr Elphick was one of the speakers at the entrepreneurial fair which was held at USP recently where he spoke extensively on good business mentors and how they could help shape up the ideas that young entrepreneurs had.

According to Mr Elphick setting up a small business and running it can be very lonely however a good mentor can offer the strong support that a small business operator needs.

“This is what I really talked about at the fair that was held at USP. This is a very good initiative taken by USP with speakers focusing on how young entrepreneurs could stand out from the crowd and how they can differentiate their business from the next,” he said.

The fair brought together businesspeople from both the rural and urban centres who shared their ideas and experiences and learnt the importance of value-adding to their businesses.

Mr Elphick said a good mentor had the ability to untangle the ideas that a young entrepreneur had into an organised pattern to help him/her succeed in their business.

“For anyone starting a business, there will be people who will come with their own experience and advice — what they went through when they started their own business and what they did.

“This is not what true mentoring means. A good mentor will always have an open mind and listen to what the young business operator has to say, his ideas and what he plans to do with the business,” he said.

Mr Elphick said the idea was to listen to them and guide them in what they planned to do without pushing their own ideas on them (young entrepreneurs).

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