Commercial development of the agricultural industry

FCLC chairman Simon Cole. Picture: FT FILE

THE Fiji Crop and Livestock Council believes the way forward for agriculture is for farmers to develop their products as a business.

FCLC chairman Simon Cole said the council’s 12 commodity associations would make presentations on the commercial development of the agricultural industry at its workshop to be held at the Southern Cross Hotel on Thursday.

In a statement, Mr Cole said the workshop was being organised by FCLC in co-ordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and supported by CTA/PIFON and those invited include Government, funding agencies, diplomatic missions, NGOs, and other key stakeholders associated with the agriculture industry.

He said the associations include industries such as pig, yaqona, grazing livestock, dalo, cocoa, ginger, rice, beekeepers, fruit and vegetable, organics, copra, and the dairy industry.

According to Mr Cole created in 2010 by Government “for the expressed purpose of focusing on the business end of agriculture,” the council had been active over the years in addressing concerns that had affected the way farmers do business.

It presently has more than 35,000 farmers as its members. Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy will be the chief guest at the workshop.

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