Asenaca’s strong will – A girl with hearing impairment defies odds

Asenaca Takayawa lost her sense of hearing at the age of 8. But that hearing impairment has not deterred her from pushing the boundaries and pursuing her dreams. Born and raised in Somosomo Village, Taveuni,...

9th August

A firm believer of hard work

They say first impressions last and Selina Uluibau certainly makes everyone seek material at Long Fan Textile, with an effortless ease. She does it with her friendly smile and the warmth way she greets customers. The 58-year-old woman developed her customer service skills at a few different places before she found her way to the...

8th August

The creative survivor

Dinesh Kumar epitomises the true meaning of creativity and perseverance. For the past 15 years, he has made a living by selling balloons in the city of Lautoka. While the sight of balloons on the streets may signal the arrival of a festive season, for Kumar, they are his source of livelihood. Kumar was born...