Letters To The Editors

29th September

Letters to the Editor – Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Cybersecurity issue The opinion (FT 26/9) written by Ilaitia B. Tuisawau is absolutely fascinating. Quote –– A critical component of cybersecurity today isn’t technology – its policy –– cybersecurity policy has to be holistic and...

28th September

Letters to the Editor: September 28, 2020

Financial crisis As a USP staff for 20 years, Fiji citizen and taxpayer, I take the right to express my opinion of what has been happening at USP since a while. Staff and even more students are distracted in their concentration. It appears that some in the governance structure of USP do not agree with...

27th September

Letters to the Editor – September 27, 2020

A cut above the rest THE Marist 7s tournament is a cut above the rest! I strongly believe that it’s a prelude and the shadow to the much-awaited and anticipated annual Hong Kong 7s event. Wow, as a spectator I’m just so blown away with the depth of potential and talent that’s at our disposal,unleashed...

26th September

Letters to the Editor – September 26, 2020

Huge upset in Suva National 7s coach Gareth Baber had every right to make yesterday’s front page. Apart from going out on the prowl for new and exciting 7s players at the Marist 7s tournament, the Welshman has pledged his support for WOWS Kids Fiji. Baber has registered for the ‘Great WOWS Walk’ where he...

25th September

Letters to the Editor – September 25, 2020

Jerry’s influence Hats off to Jovesa Naisua for the wonderful shot on yesterday’s front page! Jo captured our 7s heartbeat Jerry Tuwai making a pass during the Barbarian Brothers 7s team training at the Suva Grammar School grounds as the side prepared for this week’s Fiji Bitter Marist 7s tournament. Competition will be tough. Defending...

24th September

Letters to the Editor: Thursday, September 24, 2020

Marist 7s set to kick off The much-awaited Marist 7s tournament kicks off this weekend and will add spice to another sporting weekend. The latest I read is that our 7s kingpin and WRSS 2019 best 7s player Jerry Tuwai has formed his own club. Hence, the Flourishing Design Studio Barbarian Brothers 7s team will...