From The Crowd

13th October

Fiji-ing Day

Everybody experiences a different Fiji Day and no doubt has different experiences in different years. This year a new arrival to our beloved country asked me what went on during Fiji Day.  She seemed a...

The ugly side of rugby

The ugly I grew up around the rugby ovals in England as a toddler watching my dad play rugby so it can be said that I’ve spent most of my life around this sport. The truth of the matter is that I have been involved in rugby as a parent, supporter and team manager for...

12th October

Fly my winged child

THIS is a two part series where Flying Fijian Ben Volavola’s mum Ema Volavola talks about what it is like being the mother of a star rugby player. Ema reveals the good, the bad and the ugly side of professional rugby. She penned this before Fiji’s game against Wales at the Rugby World Cup in...