Editors Comment

18th September

Editors comment: Something to think about

The fact that the Nadi International Airport has been ranked in the top 10 most scenic airports of 2020 by voters around the globe is encouraging. In fact it should truly inspire us as a...

17th September

Editorial comment – Not the time to step back

Nadi Hospital COVID-19 Response Unit head Dr Pablo Romakin made an interesting comment at the recent Fiji College of General Practitioners Western Faculty mini-conference in Nadi. He raised an important issue that must be looked at critically. He said an incident where three people in quarantine drank alcohol with officers tasked with monitoring them highlighted...

16th September

Editorial comment – Our little reminders

Every time we read of people coming off COVID-19 quarantine facilities after 14 days in lockdown, there should be a sense of appreciation of how we are faring as a nation. Negative tests come with a sigh of relief in many quarters. It means we live to fight another day so to speak. It ensures...

15th September

Editorial comment – When democracy thrives

Today is an important day for many reasons. The United Nations lists today as the International Day of Democracy. Whatever your take is on democracy, how much you value it, and why it is important, today is the special day set aside for you to embrace what it means to you. The UN states this...

14th September

Editorial comment – Water safety matters

The revelation that a 14-year-old student died on Saturday after he drowned at the Suva Olympic Pool should raise questions. According to police, his body was retrieved after he was found motionless underwater. “The victim had accompanied friends and was last seen sitting on the edge of the swimming pool before he disappeared. Attempts to...

13th September

Editorial comment: Law and order

Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu did not mince his words on Friday when he addressed 259 new recruits during their passing-out parade. Some officers within the force, he pointed out, were discourteous and had too much pride. These officers, he said, did not belong to the Fiji Police Force family. ACP Tudravu reminded the...