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Minister for Local Government, Housing & Environment, Infrastructure & Transport Parveen Kumar during a break in parliamentary sitting yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

Conduct of air traffic controllers labelled an unlawful strike: Minister

THE conduct of the 33 Fiji Airports air traffic management workers has been labelled as an unlawful strike by the Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Parveen Kumar. Following their meeting this afternoon, Mr...

Employment Minister meets Fiji Airports senior management

MINISTER for Employment, Industrial Relations and Productivity Parveen Kumar is meeting Fiji Airports senior management and air traffic controllers this hour. The air traffic controllers will be represented by Fiji Public Service Association general secretary Rajeshwar Singh. Mr Kumar is expected to release a statement on the impasse following the discussions.

20th March

Special Olympics: Women’s football wins bronze

THE Fiji Women’s football side won a bronze medal at the Special Olympic Games currently underway in Abu Dhabi. Fiji beat South Africa to win the bronze medal. Arieta Lala scored Fiji’s lone goal in the match.

Holi celebration cancelled to pay respect to Christchurch victims

THE Holi celebration for this year in Nadi has been cancelled. This was confirmed in a statement by the President of the Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr Ram Raju who said the grand Holi (Festival of Colours) celebration in Fiji’s tourism capital of Nadi has been cancelled to pay respect to the victims...

19th March

Kadavu farmer still missing at sea

DAY three of the search for a 52-year-old villager of Nacomoto, Kadavu will continue today. Police confirmed this saying yesterday’s search party led by the village headman of Nacomoto village located the man’s missing fibre glass boat submerged at the Soso passage in Kadavu. The boat was pulled to shore but the owner remained missing...

Police search for escapee

POLICE say they are still searching for escapee Emosi Baledrokadroka. A statement from police say taskforces from the Eastern, Western and Southern Division continued the search throughout last night and into this morning Anyone with information on his whereabouts is requested to call Crimestoppers on 919.

18th March

Fiji beats New Caledonia

THE Vodafone Fiji National Football team defeated New Caledonia 3-0 in the first round of the International Friendly Match at the ANZ Stadium in Suva. Fiji’s striker Samuela Drudru scored both goals in the 36 minute and the 45th minute just before the halftime break and Rusiate Matarerega scoring the final goal in the last...

Fiji leads New Caledonia 2-0

THE Vodafone Fiji National Football team currently leads the New Caledonia team 2-0 during the first International Friendly match at the ANZ stadium in Suva. Fiji’s striker Samuela Drudru scored both goals in the 36 minute and the 45th minute just before the halftime break.

Central Transport bus drivers go on strike

THIRTY five bus drivers of Central Transport Limited in Vatuwaqa are currently on strike raising their grievances on their current wages. Sheikh Abudhulla, 58 said he has worked for the company as a bus driver for company over the past 15 years. He claimed the only increment  last year was for non-union members while the...

Two arrested; one escapee remain at large

ANOTHER of the three prisoners who escaped from police custody in Lautoka has been arrested. According to a Police statement Joeli Nukunawa was arrested in the last hour by the Western Division Taskforce at Vitogo in  Lautoka. Isaac Matthew James was arrested by the Western Division Taskforce at Naikabulu in  Lautoka earlier today. The search...

Two escapees remain at large; one arrested

ONE of the three prisoners who escaped from police custody in Lautoka has been arrested. According to a Police statement Isaac Matthew James was arrested in the last hour by the Western Division Taskforce at Naikabulu in  Lautoka. The search continues for the other two escapees, Emosi Baledrokadroka and Joeli Nukunawa.  

Missing at sea: Search continues today for Kadavu man

THE search continues today for the 52-year-old man of Nacomoto Village in Kadavu who was reported at the Vunisea Police Station to be missing out at sea. Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro in a statement issued this morning said the search party has so far managed to locate a gallon container used for fuel and a...

Three on the run from Lautoka Police

POLICE are searching for three prisoners who escaped from their custody in Lautoka. The three are Joeli Nukunawa, Issac Mathew James and Emosi Baledrokadroka. A police statement said they escaped from Lautoka Police Station where they were kept in custody awaiting court for a case of aggravated robbery. “The three are considered to be dangerous...

17th March

Three Fijians confirmed dead in mosque shootings

THREE Fijians are confirmed dead and others in hospital following last Friday’s mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Speaking from Hagley College in Christchurch to The Fiji Times this morning, Fijian Muslim community member Abdul Raiyaaz Khan said the community received the news of the deaths of three of their members in...

16th March

Three dead in Nadi house fire

THREE people died in a fire in Navakai, Nadi, this morning. Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said the fire broke out at the home of a woman in her 70s who was believed to be one of the victims that perished in the blaze. She said the other victims included her daughter in her 50s and...

15th March

Christchurch mosque shooting designated as a terrorist attack

NEW Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush has echoed the sentiment of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in designating the Christchurch mosque shooting today as a terrorist attack. Mr Bush said the loss of life and the number of those who were injured was tragic, and they were continuing to deal with this unprecedented event for New...

Christchurch mosque shooting: Fiji national among victims

A FIJIAN national was the victim of the open shooting at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, today that claimed numerous lives. Fiji Times Online has received confirmation from a family member of the victim that he was in one of the two the mosques during the shootout. According to the family member, the man (whose...

Gunman open fires in Christchurch mosques; Multiple deaths reported

MULTIPLE deaths have been reported as gunshots were fired in two mosques near Hagley Park in Christchurch, New Zealand. According to reports by New Zealand media, at least 30 people have been injured or killed by the gunman at the mosque. New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush has confirmed that one person has been taken...

Vodafone Fiji rolls out 4G+ and pre 5G network

AN upgrade by Vodafone Fiji of its network to 4G+ and 5G is expected to bridge the digital divide in Fiji including the North. Company regional CEO Pradeep Lal is expected to make the announcement this morning in a press conference The $207million capital upgrade will help the telco company keep up with the demands...