Cartoon for the day – 21st March 2019

20th March

Cruise ship makes it to Fiji waters

THE Pacific region particularly Fiji can expect the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) Cruises to have a permanent presence in the region in the future. This was highlighted by the MSC Cruises owner representative Tim Skinner during the MSC Magnifica visit to Fiji. MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line and brand market leader...

Crossword – 20th March 2019

Cartoon for the day – 20th March 2019

19th March

Crossword – 19th March 2019

Cartoon for the day – 19th March 2019

18th March

Yacata women celebrate

Women on the island of Yacata in Cakaudrovehave can now celebrate. All homes except eight now have water tanks that are able to harvest rainwater needed for cooking, drinking and cleaning. STC Winston flattened homes and blew away roofs when it ravaged Fiji in 2016, affecting villagers’ ability to harvest rainwater. Women, who depended on...

Cartoon for the day – 18th March 2019

Crossword – 18th March 2019

Designers learn principles of designing

AN important element in fashion is ensuring that there should be a connection for the collections. Highlighting this, international award-winning fashion teacher, designer and Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) mentor Nicholas Huxley said these include architecture, dominance, lines, direction, colour, texture, shape, repetition, proportions and shape. Mr Huxley conducted a Fashion and Design Workshop in Suva...

17th March

Models selected to take part in FJFW

SEVENTY-FIVE models have been selected by the Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) to take part in the FJFW show in May. FJFW managing director Ellen Whippy-Knight said they had a huge number of models turning up to be part of this year’s show. The models had their first choreography rehearsals in Suva on Saturday. “Basically we...

The greatest tragedy

THERE are many reasons why a certain tribe came under the rule of another or became a vanua qali. According to historian and linguist Dr Paul Geraghty as a vanua qali you are subservient and under the rule of another vanua. For example, when Fiji was ceded to Great Britain, we came under the rule...

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Crossword – 16th March 2019

16th March

Designer Nicholas Huxley with one of his designs during the Business of Fashion workshop at the National Productivity and Training Centre at Nabua campus on Wednesday, January 18, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

FJFW designers learn principles of designing

THE Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) held a Fashion and Design workshop last night to teach designers the principles of designing. FJFW mentor Nicholas Huxley who facilitated the workshop said the event was about teaching emerging designers the elements and principles of designing. “These include architecture, dominance, lines, direction, colour, texture, shape, repetition, proportions and   shape,”...

Cartoon for the day – 16th March 2019

15th March

Cartoon for the day – 15th March 2019

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