‘Cassava farmers hungry for information’

The participants during the cassava symposium at Wesley Church hall yesterday. Picture: RAMA

There is a hunger for information amongst cassava farmers according to the President of the Tavioka Growers Association Josaia Rayawa.

He said this after the Tavioka Growers third symposium held in Suva today.

“The fact that there is a hunger for information amongst those who have been online and those who have been here today and that is evident of the fragmentation of the way farmers work.

“They all work in Silos even training and things that are done for them are also done in Silos but the desire for a consolidated group support has been clearly the focus.

“So that is certainly made reference to the fact that the association is so critical to be the voice and to be able to draw from the need of someone met by the experience of someone else and then marry that or to identify the experience of someone else and divert it to the need for understanding with another group,” he said.

According to the president, this was what the association  could play very well with consolidating through proper support.

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