Career awaits 101 nurses

Emmanuel Pene (left) receives his certificate from Dr Michelle Belise. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

The 101 nurses who graduated from the TISI Sangam School of Nursing were reminded that entering the career world will bring about its challenges.

Pacific Community (SPC) director of Education and Quality Assessment program Dr Michelle Belise told the students they would be challenged to put to test what they had learnt in classrooms.

“You will find yourself presented with challenges but unlike the classroom challenges that you have faced up to now, there won’t be a textbook, an answer sheet or instructor standing with the right answer,” she said.

“Instead you will need to rely on your own knowledge and that of those around you working together to piece together solutions to everyday issues and sometimes to unusual issues that come our way.

“You can be confident that the training you have received has equipped you to face the challenges of your profession, but at the same time remember there is always more to learn.”

Dr Belise told the graduates that their training had become a part of them and could never be taken away from them.

“The paths into the future lie before you and where they lead, not you nor any other person can know in advance.

“While the accomplishments and awards are yours, the hard work, dedication and belief in your ability to succeed have been yours but have also been shared by many others.”

Dr Belise thanked the families for their support throughout the academic years.

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