Canada 7s: Fiji has more important issues to tackle than extreme cold

Captain's photo prior to the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series in Vancouver on 6 March, 2019. Photo credit: Mike Lee - KLC fotos for World Rugby

THE extreme cold weather forecast in Canada may have an impact for the participating teams in the Vancouver 7s tournament but the Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team has more important issues to tackle than the freezing temperature.

Compared with a sunny outdoor battlefield at the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series in Las Vegas, the Gareth Baber coached side has been in an indoor preparation for some of their sessions in Vancouver and working on their weaknesses last week that needs improvement.

Baber said the change in atmosphere had not been a concern for the boys knowing there was a title more to it to defend the title this weekend — performance. “Despite the extreme cold weather, we had some opportunity to train in an “indoor bubble” and that’s what they call it here,” Baber said.

“That has helped us to get the quality of sessions we need but for our boys, they got bigger things to worry about for them than the weather.

“They got determination to put things right and show everybody back in Fiji what it means for them to play at this level.

“As I’ve said we’re disappointed with our performance last week but the weather isn’t going to stop us from doing what we are doing now. With five more tournaments left in the series, the Fiji 7s team is aware of the importance of the remaining legs of the HSBC and the urge of winning back the trusts of its diehard fans.

“We’ve got to realise the humility we’ve got to have and learn from our mistakes in the last weekend and put it right this weekend and I have a strong belief on how well and how strong we can play and like I said we had some last weekend and we didn’t react well to it but that’s our job as staffs to make use of the next opportunity to make it right,” Baber said.

Fiji will be pooled with Samoa, Kenya and Canada giving them the opportunity to take on Australia or New Zealand in the quarter-finals.

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