Call to improve communication

Members of the public raise their concerns during a public consultation at Somosomo, Taveuni. Picture: SERAFINA QALO

THE Fijian Elections Office should improve communication channels with the public, especially on details of the pre-polling period.

This was the view expressed by Somosomo villager Pita Degei to the parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights during consultations on proposed amendments to electoral Bills in Somosomo Village, Taveuni on Wednesday.

He claimed that during the 2018 General Election, some Qamea Island villagers could not vote because of lack of communication from the elections office about changes to pre-polling dates.

Mr Degei told the standing committee that some villagers were shopping in Naqara on pre-polling day.

“This is because they didn’t know about the changes and, as a result, the villagers could not vote,” he said.

Standing committee chairman Alvick Maharaj said they would inform the Supervisor of Elections about the issue.

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