Call to develop tourism in North

TOURISM should go side by side with the sugar industry, says Opposition parliamentarian Parmod Chand.

Mr Chand said the Northern Division needed to venture into other business industries instead of being heavily dependent on the sugar industry.

“Let’s be like those other places in the Western side of Viti Levu where they have the sugar industry and the tourism industry operating together instead of relying more on the sugar industry,” he said.

Mr Chand said more development could be done in the North if the road conditions were up to standard.

“Our road conditions need to be improved, cross country roads need to be done up nicely and the major roads should be tarsealed,” he said.

“When you improve a road, you make communication easier and better and when communication is better, you open up land for tourism, you open up land for hotels, motels and then it brings in a lot of people and tourism can go side by side with the sugar industry in the Northern Division.”

Labasa Chamber of Commerce president and businessman Satish Kumar agreed on the concerns raised by Mr Chand.

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