Call for maritime safety during festive season

Vessels at the Muaiwalu Wharf in Suva. Picture: ANA MADIGIBULI

THE Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) has called on the public and ship operators to adhere to safety measures while travelling throughout this festive season.

With the peak period of maritime travel during this period, MSAF acting chief executive officer Captain Philip Hill has urged those travelling via sea to be mindful of their safety.

“This is our peak period on people travelling, the general public is urged to adhere to all the safety measures to embark and disembark safely from vessels,” Captain Hill said.

Captain Hill has also reminded ship operators to avoid overloading and for seafarers to adhere to weather warnings, particularly with the country now it its cyclone season.

Meanwhile, highlighting their activities over the year, Captain Hill said they had trained about 8800 boat operators till date.

“With MSAF, one of our functions is port state control inspections, others are the surveys that we conduct on our domestic fleet to ensure that they are compliant to safety requirements.

“We also conduct training for small boat operators, and that has been going on since 2011.We will continue to do the training because most of our maritime communities use these small boats as means of transport.”

Captain Hill said the trainings were to improve safety and minimise accidents out at sea.

“We also conduct surveys, we go and look at the boat and see that they conform to the standards that a boat should come up to, and all safety equipment that should be on board and the number of passengers that should be on board,” he said.

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