Businessman suggests FCCC strengthens PR strategies

Savusavu businessman Aren Nunnink makes his submission over the EFL traiff increase Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

THE Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission needs to strengthen its public relations strategies, a public consultation heard yesterday.

Savusavu┬ábusinessman Aren Nunnink made the comment after seeing a low turnout at the commission’s organised consultation over Energy Fiji Ltd’s request for tariff increase.

Mr Nunnink told the commission that only a handful of people were informed about the consultation and hoteliers were not included in the email sent out by Savusavu Town Council.

“The commission sent the email to the council and only 43 business houses were informed so I alerted many others because it is very important for us to be here as this will affect everyone,” he said.

He asked the team from the commission about the methods used to inform the public about yesterday’s consultation.

Commission officer Senikavika Jiuta said they used the media to inform the public and advertised with the Fiji Sun newspaper and not The Fiji Times.

Mr Nunnink also suggested to the Commission to have a notice board or banner outside the building where the consultation was held so people could be made aware.

Ms Jiuta apologised to Mr Nunnink for the issue.

Mr Nunnink responded, claiming that the commission was advertising with the “minority newspaper”.

“The Fiji Times, which you don’t use is an independent newspaper has published a lot of concerns from people about this tariff increase proposal,” Mr Nunnink said.

“It’s very important that the commission uses a wider range of publication to inform the people about important issues as such.”

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