Bure cautions teachers against instilling fear in students

Timoci Bure (Deputy Permanent Secretary - Education) speaking to teachers and school managers at their consultations meeting in Suva. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

EDUCATION Ministry deputy secretary Timoci Bure has cautioned teachers against instilling fear in students about the upcoming external exams.

Instead, he reminded teachers to play their roles and motivate students.

Mr Bure said there was no room for condemnation in the learning environment.

He made the comments while addressing school heads and managers during the Ministry of Education’s consultation with school heads and managers.

With external exams a few weeks away, Mr Bure said teachers should be encouraging their students.

“Don’t instil fear in your students about the exams that will happen in a few week’s time,” he said.

“Do not condemn them but prepare them well.

“Keep encouraging them to come to school and sit for their exams because it’s very important so don’t frighten them.

“Encourage them, motivate them to sit the exams because the purpose of students sitting for the exams marks the completion of that particular year’s learning.”

Mr Bure also reminded teachers about the importance of confidentiality and privacy.

“When you are talking to parents about their children’s performance, don’t say it in front of others but between you and the parents only.

“And when giving reports, be positive, inform parents about the learning progress of their children so they are aware.”

He also urged school heads and managers to create a learning environment that would encourage students to attend school.

“You have had conferences in hotels and we thought that after seeing the hotel environment, you, as school heads will return and ask management to change the environment.

“But it seems you only go to hotels to enjoy the environment and services.

“Turn the surrounding of your schools and make it like a hotel environment so students can enjoy and every day they will want to come to school because of this surrounding.”

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