Bulitavu suggests removal of sedition

Opposition MP Mosese Bulitavu delivering his maiden speech in Parliament yesterday. Picture: SUPPLIED

OPPOSITION member of Parliament Mosese Bulitavu has suggested to Government to remove the offence of sedition from Fiji’s laws.

He highlighted this in his maiden speech in Parliament yesterday, saying that Fiji did not need such laws.

Mr Bulitavu questioned Government whether Fiji would follow in the footsteps of England and Wales who had removed the offence of sedition from their laws.

“If you are worried about hate speech, the Constitution covers that,” he said.

“And every criticism by the citizens of this country aimed at you, your Cabinet or the Government is not seditious.”

He said this was just criticism. “Let our people speak freely. So stop muzzling the media and the people.”

He also claimed in Parliament yesterday that some officers from the Fiji Corrections Service had contacted him last week, claiming that the FCS headquarters wanted to know who voted for which party.

“Most of them voted SODELPA because they wanted a new Commissioner who understands their welfare,” Mr Bulitavu said.

“I call upon the Government to review the salary and allowances of corrections officers with relativity to the military and the police.”

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