Budding designers take centre stage

Award-winning fashion design educator Nicholas Huxley guides the young designers at their training yesterday. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

NIC’SNEWGEN emerging designers workshop continues this week in the lead-up to Fiji Fashion Week 2019.

Held at the Fiji National University’s National Training and Productivity Centre in Suva, award-winning fashion design educator Nicholas Huxley said there was quite a lot to do before the actual event.

This week, he said he would be overseeing the progress of the emerging designer collections.

“I am talking to the young designers. So what I’ve got to do is to bring them in and I’ll see the quality of the work,” Huxley said.

“They will be doing a sustainable garment. They will do something new.”

Huxley said there were some designers who were up to par in terms of preparation.

“There are people that I know who have a professional attitude. Some of them are fine. This is what always happens and they’ve got two weeks to have everything done.”

He said those involved in the preparation to the Fiji Fashion Week 2019 had the potential and ability to do things.

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