Brazilian musician urges involvement of children with special needs

Andre Camaru (seated second left) with members of the Be Happy Music Club. Picture: SUPPLIED

BRAZILIAN musician Andre Comaru has called on families having children with special needs to involve them in community activities also.

He said this could be done by providing a platform for them to showcase their unique talents.

The founder of Be Happy Music Club believes the inclusion of children with special needs would also encourage their assimilation into society.

Comaru, who came to Fiji after Tropical Cyclone Winston in 2016, has conducted music classes with students and teachers of special schools.

“The Ministry of Education has been very supportive and since we started this program, we have seen students develop a love for music,” he said.

“So we would like to encourage families who have special needs children, help them develop their talents because they are just as able as the others.

“In Savusavu, the students of special schools have been involved in concerts and other activities and they have done very well.”

Comaru said in many societies, families preferred to keep their special needs children inside their homes.

“When this happens, these children are not able to develop their talents or recognise it and that is why we have initiated this program to bring the best out of our special kids.

“Through this program, we have seen a lot of talents develop and they are fast learners when it comes to musical instruments.”

The Be Happy Music Club is funded by international donors.

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