Big dreams

Jay Janial (second from right) with mum Maya Devi (far left) and his sister Zobia Iqbal and nephew Ayanash Arush. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO

JAY Janial was only eight years old when his father passed on.

He was just a young boy who enjoyed going to school and playing with his friends every afternoon.

As he grew older, he began to realise how hard it was for his mother to look after his family, put food on the table and provide for them.

Being the only son in the family, lots and lots of ideas crept into mind when he was in secondary school including his childhood dream of becoming a chef.

Upon completing his secondary school studies a year ago, he decided to enrol into the Technical College and pursue his dream of becoming a chef.

Last week, he graduated from Certificate II in Cookery from the Lautoka campus.

It is the beginning of good things to come for the Lautoka teenager who had big dreams for his small family.

His eldest sister has a son and they all live together under the same roof with their mother.

Mr Janial now plies his trade at the Food Haven Restaurant in Lautoka where he hopes to learn as much as he can before returning to the Fiji National University to do some more cookery courses.

He hopes to further his career in the tourism industry in the near future and he has strong belief that he can and he will do it.

“I am so lucky that at the time I finished high school, the technical college was there and it gave me an opportunity to explore my dream further,” Mr Janial said.

“I am glad it gave me the opportunity to learn as much as I could.

“Studying also gave me the courage to be bold, to break away from being shy and to explore more of the outside world.”

Being the only man of the house, the 18-year-old has a lot of hopes for his Lautoka family.

He wants to make his mother, sister and his small nephew proud by earning a good career and providing full support for them. He also wants to improve their living standard and provide everything his family members want.

Now that he has graduated with his first ever piece of paper, he will work hard even if it’s means enduring daily challenges just to provide and make his family members proud.

He has also advised young Fijians to make good use of every academic opportunity available to purse a life career.

“Instead of staying home, technical college is there, make use of the opportunity available for you,” he concluded.

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