BCF to take action against overweight Fiji boxers

Siliveni Nawai (left) battles it out with Sebastian Singh in the 8x3 Super Middle Weight fight during the boxing competition at Prince Charles Park in Nadi. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THE Boxing Commission of Fiji will take action against boxers who turn up overweight after signing contracts for fights with specific categories.

This came after BCF was forced to down grade the much awaited Fijian middleweight title fight between Sebastian Singh and Siliveni Nawai to an 8×3 minute super middleweight contest after Singh weighed more than two kilogram for the middleweight category.

BCF western director Usman Ali said they sanctioned the Fijian super middleweight title between Abhay Chand and Tomu Gaunavou on the same program so they could not accommodate any changes.

“The middleweight title fight contract was signed, but Sebastian turned up with weight for the super middleweight category,” Ali said.

“Since there was already a super middleweight title on the cards, we could not accommodate two title fights in one category.

“We will take this issue to the BCF board to make a decision because once you sign up a contract you have to maintain the weight category that you have signed for.

“Action will be taken against Sebastian after the BCF board makes a decision.”

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