Archbishop: Change the community mindset

Archbishop Peter Loy Chong speaking to guests at the Sacred Heart Cathedral. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA/FILE

SPEAK to the people in the language that can change their heart, says head of the Catholic Church in Fiji Archbishop Peter Loy Chong.

He said the Nabua issue could only be resolved by changing the mindset of the people.

“I called the police to try and see how we can work together with them,” Archbishop Loy Chong said.

“With the Fiji Council of Churches, we will see how we can collaborate with them.

“You need another language to address this kind of situation.

“It is a language of faith, language of culture, the language of peace and non-violence.” Archbishop Loy Chong said putting people behind bars was a “Band-Aid solution”.

“You have to change the community mindset.

“This is much needed, given the history of domestic violence in the country.

“The brawl in Nabua is a reflection of violence in people.

“And violence is not the solution to anything. There are other ways of resolving differences.”

Archbishop Loy Chong said faith-based organisations were ready to bring healing into the community.

“We at the Fiji Council of Churches have asked if we could have a meeting with them to see how we can work together – the faith communities and the police.”

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