Anomalies sighted in financial reports

Public Accounts Committee chair, Alvick Maharaj outside Parliament yesterday, February 18, 2020. Picture: RAMA

ANOMALIES were sighted in the financial reports of Government entities and statutories for the year 2016-2017, Public Accounts Committee chair, Alvick Maharaj told Parliament yesterday.

He said it came to light while members of the committee were scrutinizing the 2016-2017 auditor general report.

The committee, he said, had highlighted some audit issues that needed to be addressed by the entities.

He also commented the Office of the Auditor General for completing the audits on time.

“They have identified areas of improvement within the entities to advocate transparency and accountability.

“Eleven entities were covered in the audits, issues that are matter of concern to the committee were identified, which deals with internal controls.

“It requires necessary actions so that future audit reports are improved, as far as financial audits are concerned. || ANOMOLIES || ANOMALIES

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