American iguanas damage farms

The Giant Invasive Iguana (GII) still ravages the vegetation and farms on Qamea. Picture: WEBMEDIAWISP

THE American iguanas that have made Qamea Island their home over the past years continue to damage and trash vegetable farms in four villages.

Tui Laucala Laginikoro Dakuyau told the Cakaudrove Provincial Council meeting yesterday in Somosomo Village on Taveuni that they had grown tired of discussing this matter.

He said this problem had affected them for many years and Government needed to do something about it.

Mr Dakuyau said the landslide that happened in Dreketi Village two years ago could have been caused by the reptiles.

“We believe these many iguanas caused the landslide because they have been around for long and they live in the forests on our hills where the landslide started from,” he said.

“Our vegetable farms have been damaged by these iguanas and some of our villagers have also noticed the shortage of seafood in their villages.

“These iguanas live on land and in the sea and so many government teams have come to conduct training on the island on how to handle these reptiles but it never changes anything.”

Biosecurity officials at the meeting clarified that they had strategies in place to deal with the iguanas.

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