Akbar meets school management to discuss way forward

Minister for Education Rosy Akbar in Qamea, Taveuni. Picture SUPPLIED

MINISTER for Education Rosy Akbar met school management of Laucala District School to discuss a way forward for their students who have been without a school since 2016.

Ms Akbar travelled to Qamea Island, Taveuni, last week where she was informed of progressive plans for the new school.

However, it is understood that the proposed sites at the village of Dreketi remained susceptible after a major landslide that affected the island in 2016.

The school manager could not be contacted but in an earlier interview with management committee member Anasa Vakasecakau, he said proposed sites had been identified.

He said they had grown tired of asking Government for assistance, however, the recent visit by Ms Akbar has assured them of positive results.

Last week, the ministry’s permanent secretary, Alison Burchell, said discussions had started with stakeholders to help relocate villagers of Qamea Island before building a school for students of Laucala District School.

Ms Burchell said the bigger issue was the relocation of the whole village.

“So the issue is for us, and we are discussing it with the commissioner, the Ministry of Lands, the iTaukei Affairs and with the Ministry of Economy, to see what is the best option moving forward,” she said.

“Because if we build a classroom there, it is going to be continuously subjected to landslide and we do not want to put people in danger in that perspective, so the best option for us is to find a piece of land within the context of having to move the whole village.”

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