Advocate encourages constructive use of social media

IF the mainstream media and Government do not give you a platform to raise issues, then create your own space on social media, says youth and mental health advocate Ruth Khan.

Speaking at a World Press Freedom Day event at the University of the South Pacific Lautoka campus last Friday, she said young people were turning to social media for entertainment but needed to use it to highlight issues.

“Youths need to speak up and use social media as a platform to speak up,” Ms Khan said.

“I use social media as a means to promote mental health awareness in Fiji.

“It’s like a taboo topic to speak about mental health.

“So many people are going through anxiety, depression and they are shunned.

“Use social media and speak out. You can make a change.

“Don’t underestimate yourself as youths and never underestimate the power that you have.

“Do something for yourself and for the generations to come.

“We can’t keep putting up slogans any more that we are the future of tomorrow. We have to do something for the future of tomorrow.

“”We are going to make our own platforms.”

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