Adi Vani’s triumph

Adi Vani Tasere receives her Bachelor of Education (Secondary) certifi cate from Fiji National University. Picture: SUPPLIED

When Adi Vani Nibicavu Tasere lost her parents in 2016, she was overwhelmed with sorrow and even lost hope on completing her studies.

Adi Vani said her dad died after an illness and her mum followed.

It all happened in the same year, both deaths struck the family hard especially Adi Vani who was the youngest of five siblings.

“It was like my world had come to an end,” she said. For all she knew, her future plans were in limbo, there was no financial backing now and she was always emotionally unstable.

The 25-year-old said amid the sorrow she remembered her promise to her parents, it was all they talked about at times. She wanted to be a secondary schoolteacher.

It was that promise she used to motivate her in school — family support was also relentless. As she moved on with life, her siblings and external family members were very supportive.

There were a few words of advice from her elders that she also took into consideration.

Adi Vani said she thought of her parents every night and sometimes she’d cry to them but she never lost faith in her God. She kept her regular prayers constant.

“Imagine the challenges that flooded in when they were no more. I wasn’t financially stable. I had to take a year off from work before resuming, but I thank God because his grace alone was what pulled me through”.

She said she knew she had to be strong and fulfil the promise she made to her parents.

Adi Vani made that dream come true this week when she graduated with her Bachelor of Education (Secondary) from Fiji National University. She said she was filled with joy and excitement and while she missed her parents, she celebrated her achievement with other family members.

Adi Vani said she remained committed to prayer and thankful to her God for the provisions that came her way. Receiving her certificate, Adi Vani was in tears of joy as friends and families cheered her on.

“I couldn’t hold back the tears of joy. While waiting in my graduation gown for my name to be called, I remembered the struggles and challenges of my past. The most challenging thing for me was losing both parents. Even though I wanted my parents to be here with me on this day, I know they are watching me.

“Mum and dad this is for you,” she said. Adi Vani thanked her families and friends who were part of her journey.

“My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the Dakua family, the Sakealevu family, the Tuinaceva family, Cama family, Matakibau family, Ratulolo family, all my paternal and maternal extended families and those that have contributed tremendously to my success.”

Adi Vani said she would wait for her posting from the Ministry of Education and was more eager than before to continue living the life, now that she has a clearer mind.

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