Activist urges Bougainvilleans to take ownership of the referendum

Kungkei against proposed changes to Bougainville Mining Act. Picture: POST COURIER

BUKA, 21 FEBRUARY 2019 (POST COURIER) – Bougainville civil rights activist Justin Kungkei is urging all like-minded people to take ownership of its political process and refrain from causing disturbances that might derail the final outcome of the referendum.

Kungkei said that “The ball is in our court and we should respect each other and the rule of law as being stipulated under the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

“We do not want any unacceptable actions and behaviour that might be taken as a catalyst against us and a prerequisite of not meeting international standards of good governance. The recent law and order related issues and the controversial mining bill should be neutralised by all citizens of the region,” he said.

“These issues must not make us lose focus on our struggle for self-determination and we should be embracing the spirit of peace and unity.”

Kungkei also urged Bougainvilleans to avoid the ideology of regionalism at all times which is a symptom of destabilisation that may have an adverse effect on the whole process.

He said also that the political leadership has been cautioned to take a proactive role in leading its people in taking ownership in all aspects of this process.

Kungkei said on the eve of the referendum, all Bougainvilleans are urged to keep the momentum and spirit of solidarity alive to take Bougainville to the promised land.


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