Acting head of school suspended

Queen Victoria School (QVS). Picture: TWITTER

Queen Victoria School (QVS) acting head of school has been suspended after allegations of misconduct.

In a statement, the Ministry of Education said the suspension was done to allow for an independent inquiry into the allegations.

The ministry said based on the preliminary investigation, the permanent secretary for Education Anjeela Jokhan had asked the vice-principal to look after the day to day affairs of the school.

“The permanent secretary, as the manager of the school, will carry out the necessary tasks as well,” said the ministry.

The ministry has also clarified that the Parents Teachers Friends Association (PTFA) had no role to play in the administration of the school.

It said that PTFA president Filimoni Vosarogo was expected to act responsibility at a time when students were sitting their mid-year examination.

The ministry said Mr Vosarogo caused unnecessary anxiety among parents and students by sending out a note about the alleged incident.

In response, Mr Vosarogo said the ministry was unfortunately misplaced.

“We have never at any time attempted to usurp or be part of the school administration,” he said.

“We have always respected the line of authority of the permanent secretary as the school manager and the principal as the head of the school.

“This is the third principal we have had to work with since 2019.

“Our relationship with each of them has always been cordial and mutual.”

He said the post he placed in their private forum of parents had been for information of the parents and guardians only.

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