A plea to women

Lanieta Namasi with fellow villager Apikali Laveti at the South Pacific Business Development Businesswoman of the Year awards last week. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO

LANIETA Namasi is a concerned iTaukei woman.

The fact that young iTaukei people are losing their values and cultural ideas slowly adds on to her frustration of iTaukei women who are always engaged in excessive kava (yaqona) consumption.

Over rugged mountains lies the beautiful village of Wainimakutu in Namosi, that has been home to the 60-year-old woman for the past 40 years.

While it may not be her business to be involved in the business of others, it bothered her so much to see women consuming grog daily and she hoped women would take her message in a positive way rather than a judgmental and negative way.

“I do not hate women for drinking grog — it hurts me to see them involving themselves in such unnecessary gatherings that take up much of their time,” Ms Namasi said.

“As women, our family should always be on our mind and spending time drinking grog should be time spent on our children and other family matters.

“I hope women look into this issue seriously so it will help improve family lives and even in their community.”

Ms Namasi has a testimony to share regarding her successful business venture which has been the backbone of her family for some years now.

But before she sealed a deal with South Pacific Business Development (SPBD), small business had always allowed her and her family to live a better life and supported them in all family, church and the vanua commitments.

Four years ago, she decided to try out micro-finance loans so she partnered with SPBD and it has been a journey she has never regretted because it has added on to her passion and love for small business.

For many years, she has been assisting her husband on their grog and dalo farms as well as weaving and selling mats.

It was from this money that they were able to send their children and even grandchildren to school. She hardly involves herself with other stuff that she feels did not help her grow.

So when she is done with her business dealings, she looks at other family matters before her day is complete and she spends some quiet time with her loved ones at home.

Her day usually begins at 5am where she accompanies her husband to the farm before they return for breakfast at 10am and she attends to her other small business developments throughout the day.

Ms Namasi was a finalist for the SPBD Businesswoman of the Year at last week’s awards at Lautoka’s Churchill Park.

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