A day with our reading tutors

Tutor Mela Cinavi with one of her students. Picture: VUNILAGI BOOK CLUB/ SUPPLIED

Twice a week in a little tin church, four children read alongside their tutors.

Steadily advancing through levels, self-correcting mispronounced words, spelling new ones, and answering questions about what they read; tutors bursting with excitement while throwing high fives in the air!

For one child, the word ‘exactly’ was discovered. To be “exact” means to be “strictly accurate or correct.”

It can also mean, if you are given instructions, you follow them correctly.

Round and round we went through the spelling of ‘exactly’, then guess what?

When we got to the comprehension questions, he used the word ’exactly’ to give his answer in sentence form … then he spelt it correctly!

As for the other three, the sound of excitement as they read, brought much joy to a Thursday afternoon.

In this little tin church, not far from town, four children read, as they were guided and encouraged by their tutors.

• Mariana Waqa is a Kaila! contributor. The views expressed are the author’s and not of this newspaper.

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