’50pc of patients diabetic’

Diabetes Fiji chairperson Taabish Akbar and CWM hospital surgeon Dr Eddie McCaig at the press conference. Picture: ATU RASEA/FILE

FIFTY per cent of patients in hospitals in the country are diabetic.

This was revealed by Diabetes Fiji chairman Taabish Akbar, who said this was a major problem in Fiji.

He said if not addressed, cases of diabetes in Fiji could increase.

“Diabetes does increase if you do not do anything to it, so we’ve got to address the situation and people must realise that getting diabetes or any other NCD is within their control, and as soon as they realise then they can start to take measures,” he said.

Mr Akbar said the World Health Organization reckoned that 30 per cent of the adult population in Fiji were diabetic and a collective approach from relevant stakeholders, non-government organisations and the Government was needed to help eradicate the issue.

“This is a fight that we all need to get together in and it’s not a political fight because otherwise it is a bigger killer that we know.

“There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 is basically when your pancreas stops producing insulin and the only way out of that is to take insulin injections and that usually happens with people who are very young and it could start at two to three years old.”

Mr Akbar said Type 2 diabetes was the most prevalent in the country and was a lifestyle disease.

He added that almost 1700 people die from diabetes annually in Fiji and was the single biggest contributor to the mortality rate in the country.

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