45,000 households requested to work closely with WAF

MORE than 45,000 households in Nadi and parts of Lautoka have been requested to work closely with the Water Authority of Fiji over the next few months.

This after a level one restriction was implemented by the Authority in an attempt to delay depleting water levels at Vaturu Dam.

WAF general manager customer services Sekove Uluinayau said dam levels at Vaturu were affecting the Authority’s services for customers in the whole of Nadi and 70 per cent of Lautoka City.

“The issue is the dam level is getting affected which affects our production capacity at the treatment plant so when we produce less, we will provide less to our customers,” he said.

“At the moment, what we want or require is around 2000mm of rain within the next three months or even 1000mm within a month to replenish the water levels at Vaturu Dam so that it can revert back to its safer levels which is 525m to 527meters.”

He said the current 521.6mm level was nearing the 520mm critical level.

“When we are approaching the critical level we implement the first level of restrictions

“Right now we are urging customers to work with us and all of our stakeholders to practice water conservation so that we could delay the depleting water levels until the rain come in.

“If it doesn’t come on time then we will move to the second level of restriction.

“There are five different levels of restriction and each has a different cause of action that we implement.

“Right now it is still at critical one.”

Fiji Meteorological Services acting director Terry Atalifo says the outlook for the coming months depict drying weather in Vaturu.

“For the month of November to January (2020) we are looking at an average rainfall of 1000millimeters,” he said.

“For the month of February to April, we are looking at an average of rainfall of 1200mm.

“In terms of rainfall at the Vaturu site, we are seeing below to average rainfall from November to January and from February to April.

“Of course during the wet season we expect to recover in terms of rainfall but at this stage, we support the statement made by the Water Authority of Fiji that the water levels are at a critical level.”

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