27,000 receive clean water

Minister for Infrastructure,Transport, Disaster Management & Meteorological Services Jone Usamate with the guests during the opening of the of the Ecological Purification System (EPS) Public Seminar at ICT Centre, USP yesterday. Picture: RAMA

A TOTAL of 27,000 Fijians have benefited from the Ecological Purification System (EPS) receiving clean water.

This was highlighted by Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Jone Usamate while speaking at the EPS public seminar at the University of the South Pacific yesterday.

Mr Usamate said an EPS budget of $1.4 million was given to the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) with 22 EPS projects implemented.

“WAF was allocated $1.4m for 2018 to 2019 and they will implement 41 projects,” Mr Usamate said.

“Government’s five years and 20 years National Development Plans also aim for 100 per cent access to clean and safe water to be realised by 2021 for urban areas and by 2030 for rural areas.”

He said his ministry had already taken timely steps towards providing clean and safe water to the rural communities with the implementation of EPS projects.

“The roles of village water committees are also important.

“They are given the responsibility to effectively operate and maintain the EPS systems in the villages while Government will continuously inspect and monitor water quality,” he said.

The EPS is designed to make safe drinking water by use of the natural ecological purification process without chemicals.

The purification mechanism is based on the biological activity of algae, microbe and microscopic animals.

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