2022 General Election: Time for change – Kamikamica

Manoa Kamikamica with members of his team at a rally this week. Picture: Suuplied/PAP

The People’s Alliance-led government will ensure trade unions take their seat at the negotiating table when it comes to issues concerning workers’ rights, says deputy party leader Manoa Kamikamica.

Speaking to former aviation industry workers in Nadi this week, Mr Kamikamica claimed the weakening of trade unions by the FijiFirst Government had not stopped, and it was a time for a change in leadership to bring back the rights of trade unions and workers.

“For any country to achieve decent work and economic growth, social dialogue that includes any type of negotiation, consultation or exchange of information between representatives of workers, employers and government’s on issues relating to economic and social policy is essential,” he said.

“The lack of or absence of social dialogue can leave the growing issue of income inequality unaddressed and when unattended our people face the real risk of increasing social problems like crime.

“Fiji is a classic point where the absence of social dialogue in the country has led to the weakening of the trade union movement.

“While the FijiFirst Government professes to respect the rights of Fijian workers we all know that it is hogwash.

“It has failed to honour the unions.

“The good news is change is coming.”

He said with The People’s Alliance-led government, trade unions would take the lead or be allowed to convene dialogue to help in Fiji’s economic recovery.

“The FijiFirst Government’s Employment Relations Act and the Political Parties Decree have limited the rights of trade union leaders in Fiji.

“The good news is change is coming.” || WEST PA Nadi rally1 || weakening of trade unions continue – Kamikamica

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