2022 General Election: Political party told to remove video

Tui Nadi Ratu Vuniyani Navuniuci Dawai. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

The Fijian Elections Office has asked The People’s Alliance (PA) party to remove a video addressing the Denarau land deal from its Facebook page.

In a statement, the FEO said it received a complaint on the video published by The People’s Alliance in which Y3 Kofera Trust chairman Ratu Vuniani Navuniuci was purporting to be the Tui Nadi.

“This video forms part of the campaign of the PA and purports to make statements in support of the PA with intent to influence the outcome of the 2022 General Election,” the statement said.

“The FEO notes that the statement made by Ratu Vuniani Navuniuci in his purported capacity is an attempt to influence the outcome of the election in relation to some campaign issues that are current in the campaign.”

He said the Elections Office was notified of a court order dated September 13, 2019, of a stay order and on August 2 where lawyers against Ratu Navuniuci clarified that the Tui Nadi title has not been decided and was a matter before the court.

“The FEO notes that this video has been shared widely and as such under section 144A (2) of the Electoral Act 2014. The FEO has given The People’s Alliance notice to; correct the title of the video, clarify the exact legal position of Ratu Vuniani Navuniuci which must comply with the court order made by the court or remove the video and immediately issue a correction highlighting that the video was made improperly by the person who was not holding the title of Tui Nadi.”

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