2022 General Election: PM told to ‘come out clean’

Nadi-based lawyer Dorsami Naidu. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO/FT FILE

Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama should come out clean and reveal how much debt the country is in under his leadership since he overthrew a democratically elected government in 2006, says National Federation Party candidate Dorsami Naidu.

The Nadi-based lawyer said Mr Bainimarama carried out the coup on December 5 and the main reason given for the coup was a clean-up.

“But it obviously wasn’t the truth as he clung onto power as the prime minister and held the elections in 2014,” Mr Naidu said.

“Under his leadership, the country’s economy and national treasury have ended up in a big mess apart from the many other problems faced by people daily.

“The only thing we have been hearing over the years is the government borrowing money from international organisations and some countries.”

A few months before the 2022 General Election, Mr Naidu said that government secured a $117 million loan from the AIFFP (Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific) for the restoration and upgrade of key roads and bridges in the country.

He has also questioned the whereabouts of this money including a $24 million grant.

“It’s believed that the country is in a debt of around $10 billion but this amount could be a lot more than what many people estimate.

“Therefore, we need the prime minister to come out clean and tell the people how much does the country owe to the international lending organisations and some countries.

“One shouldn’t forget that whatever debt the country is in will be paid by us and our future generations for years to come.”

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