2022 General Election: Pareti-Warid stands for unrepresented voices

PAP candidate Liliana Pareti-Warid with family members at the Hill Top bar in Suva. Picture: ATU RASEA

Liliana Pareti-Warid says she is standing in this year’s 2022 General Election to be a voice for the unrepresented members in the community.

She has worked at the ANZ bank in Fiji and Vanuatu then later joined the Asian Development Bank while she was based in Sydney.

She has a degree in Information Technology from Central Queensland University.

The mother of two hails from the village of Daliconi on the island of Vanuabalavu in Lau.

The 44-year-old said she never dreamt that one day she would be contesting the general election under The People’s Alliance party banner.

“It was never in the plan to enter politics because I actually wanted to come and work in the public service so I would have thought of myself as maybe a permanent secretary, or even an ambassador, that sort of thing,” she said.

“I got a call from the PA party late last year and that’s when I seriously started thinking about it.

“I prayed and asked Lord, what is it you want me to do because if it’s not then I’m not doing it.

“And so that took me about two weeks. I think it was a culmination of wanting to come into public service and because of what was happening in the country.

“And I just thought I feel now is the time for me to step forward and do something about our country because I had the skills and the experience to do it rather than just standing on the sidelines and complaining.”

She said as an individual and a mother, she always tried to be a good role model for her children and the young people in the country.

“I think the character of a person is so important, because you can’t teach those things in school.

“And for me, the biggest thing was seeing leaders speak so rudely and so disrespectfully.

“We have a responsibility as leaders to show kindness and respect to the next generation.”

Mrs Warid said she was a huge advocate for media freedom and said with the help of her party, solve issues affecting the communities such as inconsistent water supply and electricity.

“I’m a big advocate for media freedom even throughout my years of working, speaking the truth saying what is right, being honest.”

Mrs Warid was initially on the reserve list after being dropped from the final 55 proposed candidate list for PA.

“My faith is a big part of my life and I just remember thinking OK, Lord, you just do whatever it is you want to do, at least you open this place for me to serve.

“The whole name dropping fiasco was the best thing ever for my campaign.

“People were like, OK, she’s dropped so they all come to my Facebook page ‘Life with Liliana and friends’ and they started to realise that I am actually like a strong contender.

“I have a supportive husband, children and I thank God for bringing me this far.”

She said she was really passionate about working and helping sex workers and the LGBTQI community.

“I really want to make myself more accessible because there’s so many numbers out as there are so many candidates in all spaces going to communities.

“So I go to places where I feel many of the unheard voices and unrepresented are and I really listen in on their problems.”

She urged young voters and supporters to vote for PA– vote for change.

“I want people to make an informed decision. You have a responsibility to pick somebody who you think is going to help you.

“If you want a new government and people who will make a change then vote 431 for Liliana Pareti Warid.”

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