2022 General Election: ‘I stand for the less fortunate’

Setefano Osonamoli. Picture: SUPPLIED

Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) candidate Setefano Osonamoli made a decision to contest the 2022 General Election to be a voice for the underprivileged, vulnerable and marginalised in society.

He has a history of public service after being a member of the Great Council of Chiefs, member of the Namosi Provincial Council and Namosi Development Company.

He has also served as a senator in 2006 and was the Roko Tui for four years.

The Navunikabi, Namosi, native said his long service history to the people of Namosi spoke volumes of his dedication and abilities.

“From 1999, I have been representing Namosi as a member of the Namosi Provincial Council, supporting the activities and development projects in the province and will continue to attend to the plight of the people,” he said.

The SODELPA candidate said his aim to actively participate in politics was to represent and serve the people.

“My dedication and passion to serve the lewenivanua and to assist the indigenous people and all other minority ethnic groups and marginalised people.”

The former Roko Tui Serua said one issue he was dedicated to and hoped to address with the party was poverty.

“At least 29 per cent of our population live beneath the poverty line and are struggling to make ends meet. SODELPA is committed to looking after the poor and marginalised.”

When asked why he decided to join SODELPA, he said the party upheld and was guided by Christian principles in embracing people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and faiths.

He added that under the leadership of party leader Viliame Gavoka, there would be a collaborative partnership between all people that would bring harmony, peace, and stability to the nation.

“SODELPA recognises that fellow Fijians value their long-term security and affirms that our diversity in our ethnicity is our strength and will develop policies driven towards securing mutual benefits for all.”

The SODELPA candidate said the party’s manifesto had an extensive plan for the nation which ranged from education, indigenous affairs and infrastructure that the public could view on the party’s website.

“In general, I stand for the less fortunate and the vulnerable in society and I represent the people of my constituency of Namosi Province. I pledge to serve you well and serve you true.”

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