2018 General Election: Wailotua farmer wants change

National Federation Party supporters at the party's manifesto launch at the Vunimono Hall in Nausori on Thursday night, November 1, 2018. Picture: ARIETA VAKASUKAWAQA

RUSIATE Rokobulou, a farmer of Wailotua in Wainibuka, Tailevu, hopes people will make smart and wise decisions come November 14.

The father of four was among hundreds of people present at the National Federation Party launch of its manifesto at the Vunimono Hall in Nausori tonight.

“We are tired of the high cost of living because it’s making our life hard. I am just hoping that people will be smart when voting this year,” Mr Rokobulou said.

He believes that according to his own observation, the NFP stood a good chance to win the election this year.

“It’s a multiracial party and the only party that bind the two major races together. SODELPA I’ve seen is only for iTaukeis,” he said.

He urged people to think of their future generation when casting their votes.

“I am going to cast my vote this year because I want change, one that will help ordinary and poor people like us.”

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