2018 General Election: SODELPA plans to make Fiji the Pacific’s agriculture capital

Lynda Tabuya says SODELPA will create employment by making Fiji the agriculture capital of the Pacific. Picture: FT FILE/ATASA MOCEITUBA

“WE will create employment by making Fiji the agriculture capital of the Pacific.”

This was the message from Social Democratic Liberal Party candidate for the 2018 polls, Lynda Tabuya.

“There are no new initiatives by this Government to bring about new employment,” she said while speaking to about 1000 people at a Lautoka rally yesterday.

“I have a vision for Fiji — that Fiji will become the capital and the centre of the South Pacific in agriculture.

“We have beautiful sunshine, lots of land, clean water, good infrastructure, highly literate population, but most of all we have strong men and women who can till our land.

“In Australia and New Zealand, farmers are the most respected profession, they hold the backbone of the economy.

“Why can’t Fiji do that, why can’t we bring back jobs to our people.

“Why can’t we use our land, why has this Government failed in the last 12 years to bring about land use initiatives where we can make use of our land and create jobs.”

Ms Tabuya added that the key to developing the agriculture sector also involved having the value chain set up for increased production.

“We will bring the market to you, why can’t every single province and little town have processing plants. We will bring it to you so you don’t have to go far and spend too much to bring your goods to the city.”

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